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Michelle started baking as a little girl and has never stopped since. She took her first cake decorating course when she was only 13, and quickly became addicted to the joy of seeing friends' and family's reactions to the first taste of her creations. Who would have guessed that the cake-baking teenager would eventually teach Wilton Cake Decorating courses herself?

Fast forward to 2005, when Michelle graduated from the Culinary Arts Chef Training program at Niagara College. By that time, she knew for certain that her passion was baking. She continued to hone her skills in a Bakers Apprenticeship course (2006) and to complete her formal training in the Bakers- Pâtissier course in 2009. She has worked under well-known chefs David Cooke, Peter Storm and Anna and Michael Olson.

Everyone who knows Michelle knows that her sweetest creations are joint ventures with her husband Matthew —their three daughters, twins Emma and Elizabeth, and little sister Lillian. Her entire family supports Michelle's custom baking business, where she is pleased to offer customers both beauty and deliciousness through her creative cakes, cookies, and pastries. She would love to bake something special, just for you!